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Nasal cleansing yoga (jal neti) is a cleansing technique (kriya) that has been used to purify and cleanse the body by yogis in India for over 5000 years. It may seem a little bit strange at first, but usually; people enjoy nasal cleansing and decide that they want to continue with the practice. It becomes just as normal as brushing your teeth. When this nasal cleansing yoga is practiced regularly it aligns your mind, body, and soul and prepares you for a higher state of consciousness.

Jal Neti is one of the six purification procedures or ‘Shatkarmas’ mentioned in Hatha Yoga Pradeepika. Jal Neti is nasal hygiene. This technique uses water to purify and clean the nasal path, right from the nostrils to the throat.

This particular type of yoga is highly respected for its value amongst yogis as they purify the body and yield wonderful results. Jal Neti is said to not just clear the nasal passage but also the sinuses; improve vision; either prevent or destroy diseases of the upper respiratory tract. This has been the experience anecdotally by thousands of aspiring and practicing yogis; as well as evidenced on popular media shows of late. Many people use this as prevention against colds and allergies. When these practices first arrived in the West they appeared to be a bit strange and shocking; but to yoga practitioners, these are viable and even natural. Ultimately these kriyas open up the body’s pathways (nadis) and eliminate any physical, energetic, or spiritual blockages, thereby allowing the body’s energy (prana) to fun freely. They assist in obtaining overall physical and mental harmony. The nose itself is an amazing organ. It cleanses the air before it enters our body and prevents dust and bacteria from entering the lungs; so it is very important to keep the nose clean and healthy. The amount of dust we inhale and the adulterated food and poisonous drinks we are daily swallowing, and clogging throughout biophysical mechanisms is unavoidable. The nasal passage accordingly suffers from dust accumulation and stuffing. Does this sound interesting to you? Join our session now.


Table of Content

    To be provided during the sessions.


  • A Neti pot
  • A pinch of salt
  • Lukewarm water

A Neti pot is usually small and has a long spout on one side, which is small enough to be inserted gently into one of the nostrils during the process.

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