Learn Breathing Techniques

60 minutes

Group Session (Upto 10 People)

Access on Any Device

Hosted in English

Live Class


Learn to use your breath for strengthening your lung capacity. Anyone who is capable of normal breathing can take this session. Learn some breathing techniques to relax, focus and bring health and vitality to your life. Use the breath as a tool to become a master of mind and body.

Our breath connects the body and the mind. It holds the secret to a stress-free and fulfilling life.

Most of us don’t employ our “breathing machine” fully — and our experts at Xplrme will teach you how to do that. From breathing routines to yoga and meditation, through performance and emotional health breathing techniques, we will discover that there is no such thing as learning to breathe well, but rather, we will provide you with the tools that will allow you to relearn the Art of Breathing.

Exercises help improve general health. If they are combined with a focused style of breathing the results are miraculous.

This session will help you understand different ways how you can strengthen your lung capacity through controlled breathing.

Our yoga instructor is a reputed yoga teacher who has been conducting various sessions for corporates, private students, and various studios. She intends to deliver her good vibes and her skills to her students for the betterment of their health.


Table of Content

    Will be provided during the sessions.


  • Yoga Mat
  • Towel
  • Water/ Tea
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