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Exploring Vishwanath Gali – Varanasi – Explore Vishwanath Gali which is a favorite shopping destination for locals and tourists visiting Varanasi.

Located on the bank of River Ganga, Varanasi is one of the most popular holy towns among Hindu pilgrims. Winding roads, crowded ghats, the fragrance of incense, colossal temples, Aartis, and the smell of burnt firewood constitute a minuscule image of this historic city. Be it seeking blessings in the temples of the city or marveling at the architectural difference from the Kings of Bengal to the Maharajas of Rajasthan, Varanasi transports one to a different world altogether.

So if visiting Varanasi, visiting the famous Viswanath Gali (street) is a no-brainer! But before you set out on your online journey to venture through the streets, let us find out about the street some more. Here are the details and stories about Vishwanath Gali for you.

How Did the Vishwanath Gali Come into Existence?

Now the exact dates of many locations in Varanasi are still a mystery. The same goes for the Vishwanath Gali since nobody can pinpoint the date. But from the scriptures and books, we can assume a rough period.

A certain mention of this Varanasi Gali is during the reconstructions of the Kashi Vishwanath Temple. The original construction and multiple constructions are hundreds of years old. With people flocking by the temple to sell goods, a street naturally formed. It might not have been the same as it is today, but somewhat similar.

So even the street you walk today has been there for at least hundreds of years (keeping in mind multiple renovations). So this history makes the street possibly one of the oldest streets you would have ever walked through in your life.

The Vishwanath Gali is famous for street shopping in Varanasi. A variety of items are sold in the bustling Gali at affordable rates. One can easily find modern or traditional apparel, household items, home decor items, brass idols of deities, etc. The Gali is also well known for local snacks and sweets.

Mayank,​ a certified native tour guide online will walk you through the mystics of one of the oldest living cities in the world.


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