Watercolour Painting Class

60 minutes

Group Session (Upto 5 People)

Access on Any Device

Hosted in English

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Watercolour is a wonderful, versatile medium — and one that scares many beginners out of their wits! In this class, we hope to dispel that fear.

We will talk about which palette to start with, how to mix colors, and how to contour. The tutor will introduce you to watercolors and you will be able to make an A4 size watercolor painting after this session.

Watercolors started being developed thousands of years ago, so over time, many different techniques have been practiced. It’s a complex, but extremely versatile medium, once you get a hang of it.

With the brilliant tips below, our roundup of the top painting techniques, and our best watercolor paper list, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a master painter. You might also want to try the best watercolor paints. Meanwhile, read on for our guide to watercolor techniques.

-Buy a range of brushes

-Get some good quality paints

-Explore dry versus wet

-Work from light to dark

-Stock up on paper towels

-Splatter your watercolors

-Bleed colors into one another

-Get the textures right

-Try scumbling

The General Process

Watercolors are very low-maintenance. First, start with a palette of watercolors. Next, use a small spray bottle, a blunt syringe, or a spoon to hydrate the colors you wish to use. Then, dip your brush in water to moisten it, dab the brush onto a pigment, and put the pigment-rich brush on paper. That’s it!

As with any skill, the more you practice using your watercolors, the more progress you’ll see! For more practice, take more sessions of the Watercolour painting class!


Table of Content

    • HB Pencil, eraser
    • Water color paint
    • Brushes of size 0 and size 2
    • Paper (Thickness not less than 190 GSM for good results)


    Download the image provided during the booking.

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