Time Management Class

60 minutes

Group Session (Upto 10 People)

Access on Any Device

Hosted in English

Live Class


This time management class will help you apply the learnings immediately to plan your goals, organize your calendar, schedule priorities, manage your time with online tools, and learn to delegate and overcome barriers/challenges to enhance your productivity, even when working from home.

Time management class is designed to enable delegates to clearly identify work-related and personal time-wasters and generate ways to overcome them, to identify key priorities and goals in life and work, to introduce delegates to practical tools to use at work, and ensure that they make time to focus on priority tasks, to assist candidates to develop a more proactive approach at work and to learn the import rules of time management.

You will gain an understanding of your biorhythms, using techniques, methods to effectively achieve your personal and professional goals.

Upon completing the time management class you will be able to:

– Firstly, learn to recognize and overcome barriers to your success
– After that, you will be able to plan your calendar effectively to achieve your goals
– Create work-life balance and productivity working from home
– Tools to effectively manage your time effectively and efficiently
– Prevent and manage crises if any;
– Learn to delegate effectively
– Learn to manage boundaries, being okay to say “No” when appropriate


Table of Content

    • Time profile 
    • Weekly scheduler
    • Tools for optimizing schedulers


  • Your presence and engagement to complete your full benefit from class.
  • Please print out the resources uploaded. 
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