Magical Water Color Mini-Class with Wow Textures

60 minutes

Group Session (Upto 4 People)

Access on Any Device

Hosted in English

Live Class


A magical watercolor mini-class in Singapore will help you to unleash your imagination, innovate in countless ways and paint your masterpiece. You will understand the dynamics and immense possibilities of watercolor as a medium in a FUN, EASY & DOABLE WAY.

Watercolour Magic

When we mix two different pigments, such as pink and blue, we get purple. Beginners are normally only concerned about the color aspect of mixing paint, but the special thing about watercolor is that the pigments that make up those different colors have different characteristics – eg. size and weight. Another thing about watercolor is the fact that it’s a transparent medium. Watercolor can produce beautiful luminous paintings. This glow happens because light travels through the water between the pigments and bounces back off the white of the paper.

To achieve watercolor magic we need to develop the confidence to go for it and then leave it alone – no fiddling!

To maximize the magic we need to: -find the pigments/pigment combinations that will produce the most magic -control the water to pigment ratio so that we get the most magic -find the best paper to get the results that we want. By the end of the magical watercolor mini-class you will have the skills necessary to create enchanting watercolor pieces. Our experts share all the techniques they accumulated over the years, so every watercolor enthusiast can learn something, but beginners will benefit the most. So, no more excuses! It’s about time you start to dabble in the art of watercolor magic! REGISTER NOW!

Table of Content

    We shall establish and explore the alchemical medium of watercolors in a step-by-step approach, equipped by the study of art fundamentals and techniques. We will enjoy, understand and create our own style of painting watercolors. It is spread over 8 modules 

    Module 1-

    • Mindset
    • Elements
    • Colors
    • Colors Wheel
    • Practical Demo/Assignment

    Module 2

    • Color Design, Temperature, Complementary, Analogous
    • Line
    • Shape
    • Form
    • Texture
    • Sketching/Shading
    • Value
    • Practical Demo/Assignment

    Module 3:

    • Principles of Art
    • Compositions
    • Assignment/Appreciation of Great Masters

    Module 4

    • Watercolour Technique
    • Wetness Level of paper brushes and paint
    • Practical Demo/Assignment

     Module 5:

    • Wet on Wet
    • Negative painting
    • Dry Brush/ Splattering
    • Making sky 4 types

       Module 6:

    • Composing from a reference photograph
    • Practical Demo/Assignment

     Module 7:

    • Step by Step Approach
    • Thumbnail
    • Colors swatch & palette
    • Background
    • Practical Demo/Assignment

      Module 8

    • Project Painting
    • Mistake Handling
    • Putting Signature
    • Guidance


  • Positive Mindset
  • HB Pencil, Eraser
  • Water Color Paint Artist Grade
  • Color Palette, 2  Glass Jars/Mugs, Paper Napkin, Clean Rag, Spray bottle, Masking Tape, Drawing Board
  • Brushes: round-0,2,6   &  flat-Half inch 
  • Paper (Thickness suggested 300 GSM for good results)
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