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Vedic Maths is an assortment of Techniques/Sutras to solve numerical mathematics in a simple and quick way. Learn the tricks for rapid calculations. Divide and Multiply 10 times faster. Take your mathematics game a level up.
Vedic Mathematics is a collection of Formulae/Techniques called Sutras that help us solve arithmetic problems. The techniques are said to have been taken from multiple Sanskrit texts. The Sutras in Vedic Mathematics were put together by Indian Mathematician Shri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji around the early 20th century.
Vedic Mathematics is a set of techniques/sutras for quickly and easily solving mathematical problems. There are 16 Sutras (Formulae) and 13 Sub-Sutras (Sub Formulae) used in Vedic maths to solve problems in Maths.
Some of the benefits of Vedic Mathematics are-
Very few things to remember:

Vedic Mathematics requires only limited learning work as it has tables only up to 9. Moreover, students have to memorize only 9 tables which are sufficient for all the mathematical techniques.

It saves a lot of time:

Vedic Maths is the simplest way of solving mathematical problems. Firstly, It involves easy methods that require very little time. Secondly, students can answer more questions in very less time. This mathematical technique is free from finger counting and no need for scratch work.

You gain more confidence and concentration

Vedic mathematics enables students to concentrate more, and easy understanding leads to a boost in confidence. Vedic Mathematics includes very simple and straightforward techniques for instance. As a result, students learn mental calculations with Vedic mathematics. The student’s mind remains alert because of elements of choice and flexibility.

Personality Development

Vedic maths techniques help in arising the spiritual side of the personality. It increases the creativity of the students and enables slow learners to grasp the concepts easily.

Brain Development

Vedic Mathematics allows students to think multi-dimensionally. It also enables students to understand the link between different branches of mathematics. It also provides the checking procedures for the students to cross-check their solutions. Above all, the main advantage of these techniques is that it helps the students spend less time on arithmetic calculations due to their clever tricks, which allows the students to focus more on the logical and reasoning parts of Mathematics. It is a great initiative to introduce students to Vedic mathematics because it can be very helpful for board students. It helps them to reduce the calculation time during the board exam as the students need to solve a large number of questions in a limited time. Still, thinking? Join our session today and quickly learn some amazing Vedic Maths Tricks. REGISTER NOW!

Table of Content

    • Introduces the fascinating applications of arithmetic computations, number theory, compound
      multiplications, algebraic operations, and so on.


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