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120 minutes

Group Session (Upto 10 People)

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Hosted in English

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Our trainer Abhilasha is a Hindustani classical singer and has her own innovative approach towards music. She creates newer and better ways to bring the best out of you. Join her session – Learn to Sing! Have you wished you could sing the songs you love – but thought it was impossible because you can’t sing in tune? Do your friends and family make a face when you sing in front of them? Maybe a school teacher once told you that you can’t sing or were singing “off-key”. Or perhaps you just have a feeling that you have a bad singing voice… Whatever the cause, something has made you think that you have problems singing and left you wondering: “Why can’t I sing in tune?” The good news is that you can learn to sing in tune – and it’s easier than you might think. Xplrme brings to you at the comfort of your home online sessions on learning to sing! Research has found that happy memories are triggered in children in their later years when they share “Musical Experiences” with their parents in their early years. Singing together as a family allows for:

  • Improved relationship
  • Lower stress levels
  • The feeling of a uniquely positive experience in the family as a whole
  • A sense of togetherness

So get ready for an incredible musical journey! We recommend at least 5 sessions of Learn to Sing class with Abhilasha, for you to know more about your own voice and to figure out the best songs that will suit your voice. SIGN UP!

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    It’s family bonding session through music.


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