How to String Beads

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Learn how to string beads the right way. Everything you ever wanted to know about techniques, materials, etc. Join Now! This is the most popular and universal of all jewelry-making techniques. A pile of beads just screams to be strung together, and many of us may have played around with beads and sewing thread as children.

Knowing how to properly string the beads(don’t use thread!) establishes a great foundation from which to expand your jewelry-making skills. This online class will help you get started with bead stringing by covering the basics of the same and the top stringing techniques.

Learning how to bead as a beginner is all about understanding your materials and tools. You’ll need essential equipment such as wire cutters, pliers, beading cord, clasps, and more to get started. Selecting the correct bead according to material and size is also vital. Then, practicing the technique required to execute your project is paramount to completing your first project.

You may feel confused about where, to begin with, all the different options available today. But this online class on how to bead for beginners will help you start your beading journey.

To begin with, you should familiarize yourself with some other beading basics. This online class, however, provides an overview of the fundamentals of jewelry making including the different types of clasps and stringing materials available.

A beading class is fun, even for Payal – our beading instructor. Payal is an experienced beading artist who has a DIPLOMA in Beading and Jewelry Designing. She makes her own bespoke jewelry that stands out in piles of beads and artwork Remember, you are doing something you are passionate about. Enjoy the process and reward yourself with the outcomes.


Table of Content

    • In 2 hour session​,​ you will be able to string the beads in an attractive necklace​,​ and place a clasp or a knot to secure your artwork.


    For this session you would need to have a beading DIY kit which includes all essentials for your first beading session. It would be good if you have your essentials ready before the session.

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