Focus​​ Concentration and Energy Enhancement (5-15 years)

60 minutes

Group Session (Upto 10 People)

Access on Any Device

Hosted in English

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Concentration is frequently confused with attention span; concentration refers to the mental efforts put in to complete a task or learn something new. However, attention span refers to how long you focus on something. Join this online session – Focus​​ Concentration and Energy Enhancement (5-15 years), by Xplrme Singapore from your home! Children are always up for a good time and have a lot of energy. The most common concern that parents have is how to improve the concentration of their children. When it comes to learning, concentration is very important. Children, especially those of growing age, are prone to losing focus. It can be difficult to get children to sit still for a long period of time, focus, and complete a task with complete concentration. They are also susceptible to the negative energy of their environment, as well as the stress-energy of their parents. If your child is having difficulty completing tasks at work or studying for exams, he or she may be suffering from a lack of concentration. Children gradually improve their concentration and learn to maintain their energy levels through brain yoga, chanting, and mental exercises. This is a course that can help children improve their concentration, especially during the critical years of early education. Children tend to have short-lived concentration. In this 1 hr session, the children will learn to build their concentration and retain it. Children lose their focus easily, especially at a growing age. Also, they are vulnerable to the negative energy of their surroundings and sometimes the stress-energy of parents. Through brain yoga, chanting, and mental exercises, gradually children build their concentration and also learn to keep up their energy.

To get effective result, it is suggested to take 4 consecutive sessions from this class.


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