Bhajans​ / Folk Songs For Children

60 minutes

Group Session (Upto 5 People)

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Hosted in English

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This class (Bhajans​/ Folk Songs For Children) is from Xplrme Singapore caters to children who want to learn Bhajans/ Folk songs. Bhajan has a special place in India. Bhajan is an important part of a Hindu revivalist movement that swept through India during the Mogul period. The crux of this movement was simple, spiritual salvation was attainable to anyone who had a pure and selfless love of God. As a result, this turned out as the spiritual empowerment of the masses. Bhajans cover a broad spectrum of musical styles from the simple musical chant (dhun) to highly developed versions comparable to thumri. The structure of bhajan is very conventional. It contains a single sthai and numerous antara. The last antara has special significance because it contains the nom de plume of the author. Typically, folk music like folk literature lives in oral tradition. The central traditions of folk music are transmitted orally or aurally, that is, they are learned through hearing rather than the reading of words or music ordinarily in informal small social networks of relatives or friends rather than in institutions such as school or church. We start with “OM” or “Naad”,​ & gradually take it over to SARGAM the desired bhajan or song is taught in the Bhajans​/ Folk Songs For Children session. In each online class, you will:

  • Firstly, learn the bhajan/folk song by repeating after us
  • Secondly, discover a unique vocal or performance technique
  • Enhance your knowledge about the great bhakti tradition
Things Required – Only the will to sing.


Table of Content

    • Practice of "OM" or "Naad".
    • SARGAM
    • Bhajan or song of choice


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