Basic Principles Of Floral Arrangement

60 minutes

Group Session (Upto 4 People)

Access on Any Device

Hosted in English

Live Class


Floral arrangement is the art of selecting and organizing flowers and foliage according to the elements and principles of design in order to attain a pleasing and interesting design. Arranging flowers is an artistic activity and a way to express oneself creatively; in this online class, we offer the flower arranger an opportunity to participate in this art form.

Novice floral arrangers often take these principles to mean that the arrangement needs to be completely symmetrical. Well, it’s contradictory.

Whether for self or for gifting, knowing some flower arranging basics is always helpful. As such, we all like to imagine that we’re expert floral arrangers. But the truth is some fundamental knowledge might help us save our time and money; while we can stop making a bit of a mess of those pretty blossoms.

Not to worry, with a few rules under your belt, you can transform that loosely-arranged cluster into something that stands out.

While flair and personal preferences vary greatly from one florist to another, there are some fundamentals that inform all their techniques.

To attend the session we recommend you keep a notepad and pen ready. If you want to discuss some special kind of flowers, drop a message to the provider after you have booked the session.


Table of Content

    To be provided during the sessions


  • Flowers of your choice. Please keep the stalk long.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • Ribbons.
  • Decorative paper of your choice.
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