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How can we unlock the mathematical riddle of our lives? What is the numerological key which opens the doors to greater understanding? The answer starts on the day we are born: Our birthdate is the first set of important numbers which influence our lives. Join this online Numerology reading session conducted by an expert in the field.

The world is about numbers – Be it money,​ your birth date,​ no of oceans or continents or stars,​ etc. The science of numerology is a fact-based study that has proved to be true since times immemorial. These suggestions make sure that you are heading in the right direction with ‘no beating around the bush.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is an ancient study that draws meaning from different numbers, number combinations, letters, and symbols in your life. This art can help us tap into the underlying patterns of the universe and reveal new truths about who we are.

Shortly after we are born we are all given a name. According to the basic principles of numerology, the simple act of our naming is one of the most powerful forces that shapes our lives.

What are numerology numbers?

Your numerology report through Numerology Reading creates four important numbers based on your birth date and the numerical values of your name. These numbers are your “Life Path Number”, “Destiny number”, “Soul Urge number” and “Inner Dream number”. Each of these numbers is connected and it’s important to recognise that they each play off one another.

Numerology has many different sub-disciplines, but the most basic and most common numerological reading starts with our names.

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    In this 1 hour session, I will study your date of birth and will guide you through the best practices that you can follow to achieve the best results regarding career​,​ relationship​,​ health​,​ business​,​ etc


    You need to keep your Date, Time and Place of Birth

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