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Do you eke out a living from pay-check to pay-check? Is it common for extra money to appear in your life and then vanish? Are you a single parent who is having trouble managing your finances? If that’s the case, this is the course for you. Xplrme Singapore brings to you an online session on Financial Healing & Manifestation Coaching. Sign up now!

Money is equivalent to energy. Our dreams and thoughts always reverberate through the stories and impressions we create, affecting our well-being!  Our past experiences, thoughts, conditioning, and circumstances can sometimes prevent us from attracting money or manifesting the life we want. Universal energy is abundant, it is critical to cultivating an abundance mindset. As a result, when we work both ways, mindset, and energy, we are able to clear all blockages and manifest.

The first step toward money healing is becoming aware of money spending.  A step-by-step system teaches people how to heal money blocks that have been growing roots for many years, even since childhood. The majority of our financial stumbling blocks have been unconsciously instilled in us by the conditioning of our family, friends, religion, and society. Fill your life with positive energy and get assistance in finding solutions to your financial problems

It is a supernatural gift to be able to understand and use money correctly. Moreover, this Money Healing course explains in layman’s terms how to reclaim your ability to attract money without putting in a lot of effort. You can implement the changes in your life and comprehend the fundamental principles to improve your money flow.

We can attract the life of our choice.

Details –

Money is energy. Our experiences, thoughts, conditioning & situations sometimes block our energy towards attracting money or manifesting the life of our choice. It is important to create the mindset of abundance, as universal energy is in abundance. So when we work both ways, mindset as well as energy, we clear all the blockages and manifest.

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