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Nitty-Gritty of handling teens and responses to be given to them in times of distress or harmony. If you are a parent who wants to understand more about how to deal with your teenagers, then register now for a session on dealing with your teens.

Once in their teens, children might become unwanted individuals if not handled with care and attentiveness.

A female teen is handled differently from a male teen and this is explained with examples from the attendees’ life incidents only.

Teenagers’ behavior can be baffling, stressful, hurtful, and often worrying. But in most cases, it does not mean there is anything more serious going on than the natural process of becoming an adult. It is important to remember that you are the adult: you are your teenager’s best role model, and that means how you behave is important.

Many of the common behavior issues that parents find hard are an essential part of puberty and growing up.

It can mean they, for example:

-become aloof

-want more time alone or with friends

-feel misunderstood

-reject your attempts to talk or show affection

-appear sullen and moody

A very engaging and informative session on dealing with your teens to look forward to.


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    • This private session basically coaches the parents on how to deal with theirs teens.


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