What is XPLRME?

XPLRME is an e-learning platform with the purpose to facilitate virtual experiences such as learning new life skills, hobbies or seeking professional counsel from experts, experiencing virtual tourism with local tour guides or even connecting with global teachers for educational courses, without leaving the comfort of your home.

The platform seeks to serve as the layer that enables, enriches and makes every virtual session interactive and secure between the provider and customer.

There are several “virtual learning” brands but they mostly focus on US customers, and Singapore has not yet seen an active platform for digital services where a range of age groups of customers can find digital classes or experiences — at the right price and with a variety of providers, with the final choice being in the hands of the customer. This is where XPLRME aims to build & thrive.

Business Objectives

As an e-learning platform, our primary objectives are:

  1. Learners have access to a wide variety of pre-recorded and LIVE online courses from experienced providers based across the world.
  2. Service providers are able to develop relevant courses and connect with their target audience quickly.


Within a few months of the test launch, XPLRME has added over 70 providers hosting over 100 sessions round the clock on our platform.

  1. We remain committed to our customers and providers and thus aim to be the one platform where both can discover the other easily and bridge the gap.
  2. The customer will always have the choice of a range of service providers, type of learning (pre-recorded courses or a LIVE interactive medium) and make their selection based on their requirements, convenience and price.
  3. We aim to become that intuitive hosting platform for our providers that will allow them to cost-efficiently create, plan and launch their online services, opening up access to the right target customer.
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